Our Approach

We offer an effective combination of powerful software and strategic implementation assistance to ensure success for your organization.

Build or Buy?

We are often asked: If all of the Blockcerts code is open source, why should our institution license Hyland Credentials?

If your institution employs software developers, you could absolutely build a Blockcerts issuer using the open source libraries and take advantage of the already-existing free recipient Wallet (available for iOS and Android) and open Verification Portals. Several Universities around the world have done this, including McMaster Engineering in Canada, Georgia Tech in the US, Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, and more.

Most institutions find, however, that if their administrative team is going to reliably issue digital diplomas, transcripts, and other academic records year over year, they need something more: they need assistance with institutional change management as well as a full software product with rich features, selective document hosting, cryptocurrency management (for anchoring to public blockchains), an intuitive user interface, and of course lots of support for back-office personnel who will be using the system, and who may not have a technical background.

Account Services

Implementing or upgrading a digital credentialing program is more than a question of technology. It also requires change management across an institution. We’re here to help.

Implementation Roadmapping

We work with your administrators to define a digital credentialing roadmap and KPI’s that are collaboratively executed over the course of the license. This may include establishing a transition plan to move from paper to digital credentials over several years.

Communications Planning

We work with your administrators to identify all stakeholders and then design an outreach plan to increase awareness, participation, and value. This may include email campaigns, FAQs, collateral development, virtual or in-person workshops, and more.

Onboarding & Support

Every Hyland Credentials customer receives the following services:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Tailored on-boarding
  • Administrator training
  • Certificate design services
  • Data hygiene
  • Issuance management
  • Level 1 and 2 support by phone and email
  • Our Premium subscribers are also invited to join our Customer Advisory Board, which allows them to speak into our product roadmap.

Product Solution

Digital credentialing is not simply a fad. It is a way to create real efficiencies in back-office processes and institutional ROI over time. To achieve this, a software system that solves many of the complex problems around credential management is necessary.

Product Features

  • Badges, diplomas, degrees, professional certifications, licenses, titles, examination results, academic transcripts, ID cards, and more.
  • Flexible design canvas to create multiple form factors
  • Verified digital signatures for each issuing institution
  • QR codes for instant verification
  • Credentials that are vendor independent
  • Recipient identity verification using the institution’s SAML-2 SSO
  • Multi-chain issuing (Bitcoin or Ethereum available by default)
  • Cryptocurrency management, so you never have to worry about purchasing or spending crypto
  • Integrations with back-end systems (i.e. SIS, LMS)
  • Complex search and filtering
  • Analytics about credential usage (shares, views, verifications)
  • Unlimited administrator seats with permissions
  • Branded credential verification portals
  • Coming Soon: Recipient Profiles

Professional Expertise

Your organization will find that an engagement with Hyland Credentials is a lot more than buying software, we address the needs of your whole organization. We look forward to working with you to make secure, digital credentialing an enduring part of your institution’s legacy.

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