Digital Transcripts

Give learners their official records in a digital format they can own, share, and verify anywhere. Tamper-proof credentials and a global verification network provide highest-level security and groundbreaking convenience for everyone.

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Benefits for everyone.


Improve efficiency by giving transcripts to learners once. They can continue to share their official transcripts with others as needed, saving your office time and money. Digitally signed records and cryptographic identifiers protect your brand against fraud.


Digital transcripts are conveniently held on a learner’s laptop or mobile phone via the free Blockcerts app and shared with the click of a button. Cryptographic ownership of data-rich credentials ensures they build a lifelong record of achievement uniquely their own.


Verifying educational history and hiring becomes 10x easier when applicants share a tamper-proof record that verifies instantly. All transcript data is machine readable, so applicant tracking systems and HR systems can easily screen prospective hires.

Secure Technology.

Transcripts are issued to learners in a natively digital format (JSON) that is hashed, cryptographically signed by your organization, and registered on a blockchain for later verification. The result is a transcript that is human readable, machine readable, tamper evident, and instantly verifiable anywhere in the world.

A sample scenario.

Jane has recently graduated from college and receives an official copy of her digital transcript, issued by the university. She can choose to present her transcript to anyone—such as a potential employer—who can independently verify the transcript is authentic without needing to check with the university or a software vendor.

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