Making records trustworthy

Hyland Credentials is the world leader in blockchain-secured digital records that are recipient owned, vendor independent, and verifiable anywhere.

Our Story

Hyland Credentials started as Learning Machine, a startup that architected the Blockcerts open standard with the MIT Media Lab and co-chaired of the W3C Credentials Community Group. Since that inception, we’ve become the global leader in blockchain-based digital credentials. As the only records provider in the world with a product in market for multi-chain issuing and self-sovereign identity, our offering is revolutionizing the way organizations around the world issue and verify records. The Hyland Credentials Issuing System allows governments, companies, and educational institutions to issue blockchain records at scale, rooted in any blockchain they choose.

Why Hyland Credentials?

Hyland Credentials sets the global standard for records that are independently verifiable, tamper evident, and owned by issuers and recipients. Issuing standards-compliant records at scale is easy with the Hyland Credentials Issuing System, a product built to meet the needs of governments, corporations, and educational institutions.

Vendor Gardens

Blockchain time stamping, on its own, provides little added value.


N Registered on chain

Proprietary technology

Not vendor independent

Not recipient owned

Self-Sovereign Records

Strong cryptography, ownership, and blockchain verification.


N Registered on chain

N Open source technology

N Vendor independent

N Recipient owned

KYC Networks

Records only work within vendor network. Blockchain not needed.


N Registered on chain

N Sometimes open source

Not vendor independent

Not recipient owned

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