Building the future, together

Our partners in leading the way for open standards and interoperable records.

The Open Standard for Blockchain Credentials

Blockcerts is an open standard for creating, issuing, viewing, and verifying blockchain-based certificates. These digital records are registered on a blockchain, cryptographically signed, tamper-proof, and shareable. The goal is to enable a wave of innovation that gives individuals the capacity to possess and share their own official records. We invite feedback, contributions, and general discussion.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community that develops open standards to ensure the long-term growth of the Web.

World-leading non-profit collaborative

IMS Global is the world-leading non-profit collaborative advancing edtech interoperability, innovation, and learning impact. IMS enables a plug-and play-architecture and ecosystem that provides a foundation on which innovative products can be rapidly deployed and work together seamlessly. IMS member suppliers are the market leaders in innovation.

Electronic Standards Council

PESC leads the establishment & adoption of trusted, free & open data standards across the education domain by serving as an open standards-development and open standards-setting body producing PESC approved standards.


The Web of Trust is a buzzword for a new model of decentralized self-sovereign identity. It’s a phrase that dates back almost twenty-five years, the classic definition derives from PGP.

But some use it as a term to include self-sovereign identity authentication & verification, certificate validation, and reputation assessment, while the vibrant blockchain community is also drawing new attention to the concept we aim to reboot it.

Decentralized Identity Foundation

Building an open source decentralized identity ecosystem for people, organizations, apps, and devices.

Blockchain in Transport Alliance

BiTA was formed by experienced technology, transportation and supply chain executives to create a forum for the development of blockchain standards and education for the freight industry. BiTA’s goal is to bring together leading companies in the freight technology industries that have a vested interest in the development of blockchain technology.

Most disruptive companies in freight

The Freight.Tech 100 is a list of the top 100 nominations for the most innovative companies in freight today. These annual awards are intended to recognize the most innovative and disruptive companies in freight.

The Commonwealth of Learning

Empowering people through learning that leads to economic growth, social inclusion and environmental conservation.

The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) is an intergovernmental organization created by Commonwealth Heads of Government in 1987 to promote the development and sharing of open learning and distance education knowledge, resources and technologies.

Groningen Declaration Network

The Groningen Declaration Network seeks common ground in best serving the academic and professional mobility needs of citizens world wide by bringing together key stakeholders in the Digital Student Data Ecosystem at its Annual Meeting.

We make Digital Student Data Portability happen. Citizens world wide should be able to consult and share their authentic educational data with whomever they want, whenever they want, wherever they are.