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Issue professional credentials in a digital format that people can hold and share directly when needed. Credentials have your custom branding, metadata, and verification by QR code to facilitate screening and movement across institutions and borders.

Reward, retain, and promote the best.

Certificates & Licenses

Issue professional credentials in a digital format that people can hold and share directly with others when needed. These credentials can have branding, meta-data, and verification by QR code to help with in-person situations and global employee movement.

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Issue results from professional examinations in a digital format that is human readable and machine readable. Results may be shared directly by the recipient any time they are needed, for life, and verified by anyone, instantly and for free.

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Provide your workforce with digital IDs they can hold on their phones and tablets and verify anytime by scanning a QR code. Verify ownership of the ID to reduce fraud. Coming soon.

Open Badges

Create a culture of productivity by recognizing specific skills and rewarding achievement with digital badges that can be shared online. Not only do badges highlight new competencies, the sharing of badges promotes awareness of your organization’s training programs.

Made for scale.

Everything needed for large organizations to manage a federation of separate issuing accounts and consolidate analytics.

“As we move from a world of discrete paper repositories to a world of interconnected systems, we need official records that are natively digital to reap the full benefits of electronic exchange.”

– Chris Jagers, CEO Learning Machine

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