Learning Machine Raises Series Seed

With MIT launched, Learning Machine raises seed to replace paper with blockchain credentials.

Digital Diplomas

Blockchain technology gives grads control over their academic credentials.

The Evolution of Trust in a Digital Economy

The ultimate social impact of blockchain technology depends on who controls our digital identities.

Send in the Robots

Is it right to relinquish control of our identities to private companies? Jason Palmer hosts interview with Natalie Smolenski.

Digital Diploma debuts at MIT

Using MIT’s new digital diploma system, employers and schools can quickly verify that a graduate’s degree is legitimate by using a link or uploading the student’s file.

Blockchain-Verified Credentials Could Change the Game of Hiring

Bitcoin is being used by universities, businesses, and governments around the world to issue and store verifiable digital credentials.

Institutions Look to Blockchain to Verify Learning

Diplomas are just the start for blockchain’s potential in higher education, and many are looking at how issuing skills-based certificates—what some have dubbed “microcredentials”—could change the way …

Australian University Tests Blockchain in Bid to Back Up Academic Credentials

A public university in Australia is testing a mobile-based system for issuing and maintaining recipient-owned academic credentials on a blockchain.

Trust, But Verify: How Blockchain Could Disrupt Your World

MIT spent the last year working with Learning Machine to develop its initial concept into a public resource, building blocks for developers to freely use.

Malta Introduces First Blockcerts Pilot in Europe

Malta’s Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE) is working with Learning Machine Group (LMG) to put University degrees and earned credentials on the Bitcoin blockchain using the Blockcerts open standard.

Campus Technology

Blockchain: Letting Students Own Their Credentials

Very soon this nascent technology could securely enable registrars to help students verify credentials without the hassle of ordering copies of transcripts.

Learning Machine and MIT Media Lab Release Blockchain Technology for Credentials

Learning Machine and MIT Media Lab’s Learning Initiative have released the first version of an open-source project that builds an ecosystem for creating, sharing, and verifying blockchain-based educational credentials.

How Bitcoin Technology Could Make College Credentials More Secure

Researchers see potential for a digital ledger, called the “blockchain,” to help employers check whether job applicants have really taken the courses they say they have.

PC Magazine

We’re About to Live in a Blockchain-Based World

MIT and a collection of exciting blockchain start-ups prove bitcoin is only the beginning.

How MIT & Learning Machine Will Put Your Degree on the Blockchain

Storing educational credentials on a distributed ledger in a transparent manner makes a lot of sense. MIT Media Lab and Learning Machine has done exactly that, allowing individuals to share digital proof of their education and employment.

MIT Media Lab Introduces Blockchain Technology for Credentials

Still think blockchain is a mythical beast? The technology just got a big endorsement from MIT’s Media Lab, which introduced a project for issuing official credentials on blockchain.

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