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Modernize governance by equipping people with digital licenses & certificates, identity documents, and other government records that build opportunity-driven mobility for citizens.

Digital records for a modern world.

Certificates & Licenses

Civil documents such as birth and marriage certificates, licenses, benefits eligibility, and other records can be issued in a digital format that citizens can share and have verified anywhere, saving everyone time and money.

Government Records

Transition government records from paper to a secure digital format that is independently verifiable, tamper evident, and easy to use for holders and verifiers.

Digital ID

Digital IDs can be held on a person’s mobile device and QR code scanning. This is a cost-effective way to credential workers, visitors, and professional staff for a variety of on-site situations. Coming soon.

“It’s self-sovereign, trustworthy, transparent, and impossible to destroy because it’s not simply stored on a database in some government building.”

– Evarist Bartolo, Minister for Education & Employment, Malta

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