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September 2018




Office of the President

Educational Achievement

In September 2018, East Coast Polytechnic Institute (ECPI) University joined the group of pioneering institutions issuing blockchain-anchored diplomas to graduates. ECPI University has established itself as a career-oriented institution providing students with accelerated degree options, flexible scheduling, and relationships with potential employers.  Using Learning Machine technology, ECPI University is providing students with ownership of their official records and allowing employers to instantly verify students’ educational background.

“You retain proof and control of your achievements indefinitely. Employers benefit from a process that allows them to quickly and easily verify educational histories on a resumé. ECPI University is proud to be an early adopter and put an end to the archaic process of requesting and transmitting a degree or transcript.”

Jeff Arthur
Chief Information Officer,  ECPI

As of December 2018, ECPI University has issued over 300 diplomas anchored to the BTC network to graduates of Nursing, Health Administration, Business Administration, Computer Science, and Engineering programs. In 2019, ECPI University intends to expand digital diplomas to graduates from other programs such as the National Security Agency (NSA) and U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recognized Cyber and Network Security program. Jeff Arthur, ECPI Chief Information Officer, stated ““This is the future of retaining your vital academic records independent of any issuing entity.”

Strong cryptography combined with a decentralized verification network provides secure and immediate confirmation of authenticity. The student controls their official records through the free Blockcerts mobile app, which also makes it easy to share their degrees and/or professional certificates publicly on social media profiles or directly by email, text message, or upload. Ultimately, this convenience of sharing and verification will streamline the employment process for everyone involved.

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